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April brought the return to school after a sunny Easter holiday.

We spent the first week looking at, learning about and investigating Africa ready for the ICE zone. The children had a wonderful time dressing up in traditional costume, playing African instruments and looking at masks, toys and other artefacts.





In Numeracy we are recapping and extending our knowledge of subtraction, addition, multiplication and division. The children have secured their knowledge of different strategies and put these into practice when doing Problem Solving.


The children have studied the author Oliver Jeffers and Quest stories. They have enjoyed ' Stuck' and 'Lost and Found', so far!

We have had great fun acting out, discussing and writing our own stories.


In Science we are studying 'Growing Plants', looking at seed dispersal and recapping what plants need. In the ICE zone they have their own pretend stalk with moveable sunflower to measure growth of the real sunflower growing outside.....