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Autumn Term

In English, we have been looking at a selection of writing by Roald Dahl and using his stories as a stimulus for our own writing. The children have been busy exploring Roald Dahl's writing style and techniques ready to implement this into their own stories.  The children have also enjoyed taking part in drama session, taking on the role of Matilda and Miss Trunchbull to create short scenes. 


Later on this term, the children will be exploring Greek myths to inspire their own writing.


In maths, the children started the year by looking again at place value in 5 and 6 digit numbers.  We have also been busy practising our written methods for addition and subtraction.  More recently, the children have been looking at geometry, studying shapes, angles and lines.  The children have been practising using protractors - a tricky skill to master!


In science, we have been exploring living things and their habitats.  The children have studied life cycles for a range of species including mammals, birds and insects.  They will have the opportunity to work scientifically in a range of ways.  The children will also have the chance to complete research on scientist, Jane Goodall.


Our topic for this term is Ancient Greeks!  The children have enjoyed learning about the Ancient Greek practises and lifestyles.  They have explored the Greek timeline, looked at the city states and have completed some of their own research.  Over the next term, we will also be looking at the Ancient Olympics and the Greek gods among other aspects of Ancient Greek life.