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Autumn Term

In English, the children have been exploring Greek mythology by reading the book 'The Adventures of Odysseus'.  They have followed his journey from Troy to Ithaca and have seen how he has encountered a range of Gods and monsters along the way.  During this unit, the children have had the chance to explore a range of writing styles: diaries, letters, speeches and will be finishing by writing their own Greek myth.

In maths, the children have been perfecting their written methods for the four operations.  It has been great to see the children progressing and becoming more confident in their skills.  Following this, the children have had there first look at fractions in Year 5, where they were busy converting between fractions and decimals.  We have also looked at adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators.  More recently, we have been recapping time, with a focus on converting between units of time and reading timetables. 


In science, we have been learning all about Earth and Space.  So far, the children have looked at the rotation of the Earth and Moon, the phases of the Moon and the Earth, Moon and Sun as spherical bodies. They will soon be investigating more about day and night and will be developing their understanding of our world in a more general sense.


Our topic for this term is Ancient Greeks!  The children have enjoyed learning about the Ancient Greek practises and lifestyles.  They have explored the Greek timeline, looked at the city states and have completed some of their own research.  They have more recently been learning about Greek soldiers and their ships and some children wrote diary entries from the perspective of a Greek hoplite.  The children have started learning about the Gods and Goddesses and will continue to build on this until Christmas.