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In year 2 we have been continuing our Poetry genre with the children writing poems using their knowledge of expanded noun phrases, onomatopeia words and rhythm and rhyme.

We have studied the poem; The Treasures

Who will bring me the hush of a feather?
“I,” screeched the Barn Owl. “Whatever the weather.”


Who will bring me the shadows that flow?
“I,” snarled the Tiger. “Wherever I go.”


Who will bring me the colours that shine?
“I,” shrieked the Peacock. “Because they are mine.”


Who will bring me the crash of the wave?
“I,” sang the Dolphin, “Because I am brave.”


Who will bring me the secrets of night?
“I,” called the Bat. “By the moon's silver light.”


Who will bring me the scent of the flower?
“I,” hummed the Bee. “By the sun's golden power.”


Who will bring me the waterfall's gleam?
“I,” sighed the Minnow. “By river and stream.”


Who will bring me the strength of the small?
“I,” cried the Spider. “When webs line your wall.”


Who will bring me the shiver of snow?
“I,” howled the Wolf Cub. “When icicles grow.”


And who will bring me a nest, furry warm?
“I,” squeaked the Rat, “When we hide from the storm…

But who will care for the treasures we give?

“I,” said the Child.
“For as long as I live.”

by Clare Bevan


During our maths lessons we are consolidating our knowledge of place value to add and subtract 2 digit numbers.


no Thank you to all the Mummys, Daddys and grandparents that came to our Class Assembly .

smiley Well Done year 2. You did a FANTASTIC job...... 


After a restful half term, we begin our second half term with our new genre in English; Narrative writing. We are sharing ancedotes (a short amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person) and listening to stories with consequences.

In maths we have been looking at the properties of 3D shapes ( Faces, Corners/Vertices and edges) and using this to group shapes in different ways.

  In the ICE zone the children are studying where they live in St Neots and how this is different to a village and a city.

They are loving using the quill pens in Samuel Pepys house, using these to write diary entrances and stroies from 1666.

We were very fortunate to have Sasha the dog come in and read with us.....