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February has started with plenty of work going on in Yr 2 and the ICE zone. The children are doing reasoning in maths - discussing why they have chosen a particular way to solve a problem or number sentence.

In Literacy we have started with our new genre; Poetry. Some great work is being produced using synonyms , simile and lots of wonderful adjectives.   

Our Poetry genre went well with the children understanding and using synonyms and simile. They particularly enjoyed writing their own Hiku poems about the seasons, weather and animals in nature.

Half time arrived bringing the end of this genre and the start of our new one; Traditional Tales.  The first tale we studied was Hansel and Gretel. 

  We could not forgo a chance to eat sweets! Using all our senses to come up with some wonderful adjectives for the witches house made of sweets...............................                                                                                                                


In Numeracy the children are becoming competent with multiplication as groups of and division as sharing .