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Year 3 have really enjoyed their recent English topic learning all about play scripts.  The children used George and the Marvellous Medicine to inspire their own plays and after working really hard to write a scene, the children performed them in front of the class.  The children are now working on poetry and have started reading and dissecting a variety of poems.  The children will soon be learning to perform a range of poems as a class to perform at a Poetry Festival after Easter.


In maths, the children have been learning all about fractions, learning how to add/subtract fractions, equivalent fractions and practising solving tricky problems.  This month, the children have also been working on shape focusing on the angles found in shape.  They are beginning to use maths vocabulary to help them identify acute, obtuse and right angles.


The children are coming to the end of their Rocks topic.  During this unit, children have explored types of rocks, volcanoes, fossils and soils.  They have taken part in numerous experiments, including creating their very own volcanic eruption!