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W/C 8th October


This week in Reception we have been learning how to write a list, and the children have been busy writing a list of what to take on a dinosaur hunt! Some of their ideas included a torch, binoculars, a bag...and some meat! Great ideas everyone! The children have been working hard when forming their letters, and we have been practising this further in our phonics lessons.


In maths we have been counting accurately and adding two groups of items together. During their child initiated play, the children have been exploring magnets and paperclips, placing counters onto playing cards, painting autumn trees, and making patterns in paint!


We have also been looking at sounds and practising segmenting and blending. At home you can play games to help children listen to initial sounds in words, such as “I spy”, or games to help them orally blend CVC words, for e.g. “Can you p-a-t your head? Pick up the c-u-p!”


Next week we will be learning the story “Funnybones” in preparation for Halloween. In phonics we will be learning the sounds “c, k, ck and e” and we will continue to segment and blend sounds together for reading.

Have a nice weekend, Miss Latimer


W/C 1st October


This week in Reception we have been learning the story “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”. The children have enjoyed joining in with actions and repeated refrains in the story. We have been very busy sequencing and ordering the story, describing each part and creating our own story maps using various materials. We have also been adding pegs to numbered teddy bears, exploring non-fiction books about animals and bears, and re-enacting the story during our child initiated play. This week have looking at shapes and describing their properties – how many sides, how many corners, and that they are 2D and flat. We have also been moving in different ways around our obstacle course outdoors!

Next week we will continue to practise blending CVC words together, and we will learn the new sounds “d, g, and o”.

Please ensure your child’s home reading diary and reading books are in their book bags every day. Have a great weekend, Miss Latimer