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Spring Term

The children and staff had a fantastic time at castles day. In the morning they were busy in the castle making thumb pots, soap, nose gays, ink, and pockets. They had great fun visiting the apothecary, using quills to write their names and making pies! 

In the afternoon the children had to entertain the queen by singing, dancing, jousting and juggling! The day ended with a banquet in the castle and lots of happy faces.

Thank you for providing the fantastic costumes. Castles day has provided a great hook in for this terms medieval castle topic. 

The children have been solving number problems. Can you put one quarter of the jewels on the crown? Can you put half of the ladybirds on the leaf? The children need to count the total and work out half, before adding half to the crown. The concentration is showing on some of their faces!
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