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Welcome to Saplings Class!

Welcome to Sapling!

Welcome to our Reception class page! We are the smallest children in the school and are always "busy learning."  Miss Latimer is our teacher and Miss Ansell and Mrs Hart are our Teaching Assistants.  Throughout the year I will add links and information about ways to help your children's learning at home, as well as keeping you up to date with what we have been doing at school :)


Key information:

At school your child needs - a water bottle, sun hat, wellies in a bag, a coat, a book bag and a P.E. kit. Please ensure that all of your children's items are clearly named.


Your child will be taking part in P.E. on a Thursday morning until the October half term. Please can you ensure that their P.E. kit is brought in, and it will be sent home at the end of every half term for washing. If your child has earrings, please ensure that these are removed on P.E. days, as they will not be allowed to take part in P.E. with earrings in.


It is very important to us to promote British Values from an early age. This is how we do so:



  • Speaking and listening activities promote discussions
  • Making decisions together
  • Listening to each other’s opinions
  • Turn taking, sharing and collaboration

Individual Liberty:

  • Freedom for all
  • Developing a positive sense of themselves
  • We listen to every child through pupil voice
  • Through our PSHE curriculum the children’s rights are promoted
  • The children are encouraged to make the right choices about how they learn and how they behave

Mutual Respect and Tolerance:

  • The classroom rules help children to understand how to share and look after each other
  • The children learn about different cultures, faiths and religions. They are encouraged to show respect and tolerance for different people, faiths, cultures and languages
  • The children study art and listen to music which reflects multicultural Britain
  • The children celebrate special days and festivals throughout the year

Rule of Law:

  • The children learn about their rights and responsibilities. They also learn about consequences of behavior and also learn to distinguish between right and wrong.
  • The children have agreed to abide by the rules and understand that these rules apply to everyone

First 45 Key Words

This is a copy of your child's first 45 key words. Please help your child with learning to read these words at home, as many of them are very common words, and many also cannot be read phonetically. Once your child can confidently read their first 45 key words, please let a member of our Reception team know, and we can check this at school (we will let you know when). If you have any queries, please let me know :)

Week commencing 18th September

Wow, what a fantastic week we have had! Reception have been very busy this week taking parts in lots of different activities including cutting and labelling bodies, ordering and counting, drawing our families, mark making with feathers, and playing ball games outside! They have worked so hard, well done.

Next week on Thursday will be your child's first P.E. lesson. If they do not have it in school already, please ensure that their P.E. kit is brought in on Monday. They will need black shorts and a white t-shirt.

Next week we will also be giving out home reading books. They will have story books without words, to encourage book talk and talking about the characters. We encourage reading with your child every night, and we ask if you could leave a little note in their reading record when you have read with them, just so that we know. Please ensure that your child has their reading book and record at school every day, as we will also be reading with them at school during the week.


Next week Miss Ansell and I will be focussing on children's turn-taking skills, and building their confidence in initiating play with others. We will also be learning about weight, and comparing various items against one another in terms of how much they weigh. A fun idea for home - tying two plastic containers/bowls to a coat hanger, and dangling it from a fence in the garden or on a door, and testing lots of household items to see which ones are heavier!

Thank you for all of your beautiful baby pictures that you have sent in, they look wonderful on our display, and the children have really enjoyed talking about them and guessing who is who!

Have a lovely, restful weekend, Miss Latimer

Photos from w/c 11th September

Week commencing 11th September

It's been a wonderful first week for our Reception children! We have been very busy getting to know our routines, and learning each other's names. The children have made lots of new friends, and I have been so pleased with how confident, funny and happy all of the children are! Well done.

Today I wanted to see how many children could write their name. They all did a fantastic job and worked really hard! It would be great if you could carry on practising name writing at home with them too. Next week on Friday I will be sending home letter formation sheets, as at our school, children learn cursive letters from Reception. These should help you and them practise writing cursive letters.

Next week Miss Ansell and I will be seeing if children can recognise and order their numbers to 10 or to 20. We will also be seeing how well children can hear sounds in words, and recognise some letters for writing.

Have a lovely, restful weekend, ready for your children to be full-time next week! Just to remind you that they will start at 8.45 and finish at 3.10. See you then!