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April 2019

Egyptian Day


On April the 2nd, Year 3 and 4 had an Egyptian day. We all dressed up in traditional Egyptian dress and participated in a range of activities to consolidate our learning from the Ice Zone. There was dancing, face painting, learning how to make a shadoof and treasure hunting. The children also helped to prepare some Egyptian delicacies for the feast; olives, figs, cheese, grapes and garlic bread. 

In the afternoon the children paraded around the school with the death masks. We gathered in the hall to honour the pharaoh in the sarcophagus and enjoy our feast.

It was a wonderful day and the children and adults enjoyed sharing this experience.

The Tin Forest


Our text this term has been The Tin Forest. The children have enjoyed reading the story. By using role play to create speech, the children were able to demonstrate a good knowledge of direct and reported speech. The children have also written the story from a different characters point of view- the toucan's. In their narratives the children tried hard to use a range of sentence structures, including fronted adverbials and expended noun phrases, as well as consider their use of language to describe the setting and the characters feelings.

The children were able to empathise with the main character and we used this as part of our PSHE sessions to discuss loneliness and relationships.

Reward Day


This term's Reward Day was a lovely celebration of the hard work and efforts. The children participated in a range of fun activities including chocolate nest making and circus skills. There was plate spinning, space hopper bouncing and many throwing and catching tasks; many great skills were shown off!

Well done Year 4 for a fantastic term. Keep up the hard work!