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In English, we have been using the book Kensuke’s Kingdom to inspire our poetry writing. We used the poem ‘Refugees’ by Brian Bilston as a model to write our own reverse poems. Our poems showed Kensuke’s changing opinion of Michael. When you read the poem forwards, it shows Kensuke’s dislike of Michael. When the poem is read from the bottomto top, it shows how Kensuke’s opinion of Michael has changed. We then practised performing our poems, using intonation, gestures and body language to help portray the meaning.

Outdoor Learning

Year 5 had a wonderful outdoor learning session with Miss Jarvis. We wrote poems about all the things we appreciate in our outdoor area and made posters advertising our favourite parts.


As part of our Properties of Materials topic, we investigated which materials were effective conductors. We talked about the differences between conductors and insulators and planned an investigation to find which material would be the best conductor of electricity.


In maths, we have been recapping our multiplication and division skills. We have been using sliding place value grids to show how we know our answers are correct. We then used these skills to practise converting between different units of measure.