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Welcome back to school for summer term, we hope you had a lovely Easter break.


This term sees us introduce a new topic in EYFS: Ticket to Ride. Much of our learning in class will be based around stories with a transport or journey theme. We have started the term by reading 'The Snail and the Whale' by Juila Donaldson. The children have loved listening to the story and have thought about the journeys they would take with the whale. Many of the children have been asking about some of the vocabulary in the book so we have discussed some new words, such as 'gazed', 'soot' and 'trail'. We love that the children are so keen to ask questions and that they really seem to enjoy extending their vocabulary.  We have of course completed some lovely crafty activities including painting snails and making a swimming whale using paper plates. Outside the children have explored sea and land creatures using the water and sand trays for extra sensory stimuli. Some of the other books that we will look at this term include: The Way Back Home, The Naughty Bus and Oi, get off my train!


In maths, the children start the term by looking at numbers beyond 10. This can be through verbal counting and by using physical objects to build numbers. We are always consolidating our number skills in numbers up to 10 too and have been looking at some addition and subtraction (using practical activities).


The children have learned many of the initial sounds expected for EYFS so we are not looking at alternative spellings, including looking a split digraphs, double letters and short/long vowel sounds. We continue to have daily phonics sessions which include reading and writing activities.


We will of course continue to update Tapestry on a regular basis to showcase some of your children's learning so please check regularly for updates and information.