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Autumn Term

In English, the children have been exploring the work of Roald Dahl! During this topic the children have looked at many different Roald Dahl stories including Matilda, James and the Giant Peach and The Twits! The children have written some lovely character descriptions of Miss Trunchbull, the infamous head mistress from Matilda, using great adjectives and appropriate nouns to suit the character! Also the children have created their own Twits character and are now writing their own chapter of the book in the style of Roald Dahl!


In maths, the children have been learning to use protractors to measure angles and calculate missing angles. The children loved having the opportunity to become familiar with using the protractor and the chance to write all over the desks! Moving on from this the children have been looking at using formula to calculate area and perimeter and applying these to some real life situations by calculating the area of a room. Over the course of all of our topics this term, the children have been applying their addition, subtraction and multiplication skills. Whilst working hard at this, many children need to keep practising their times tables at home in order to build their confidence


In science, we have been learning all about living things and their habitats, specifically looking at the life cycles of plants and different types of animals. The children have been thoroughly enjoying their science lessons with the chance to learn in different ways; from going outside and adventuring through the meadow and vegetable patch for clues to the life cycle of amphibians and insects to getting mucky when learning about the parts of an egg! The children have learnt about and can name the three different types of mammals! Why not challenge them at home to tell you all about these!


Our topic for this term is British Explorers and the Empire! The children have been learning about the vast reach of the British Empire and their colonisation in the rest of the world! So far this term the children have learnt about the origins of the Empire, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, the Imperial Century of the Empire during the reign of Queen Victorian and how the Industrial Revolution impacted the growth of the Empire! After half term, the children will continue to look at the Empire and its polar explorers as we begin to look at the journey of Ernest Shackleton and Captain Robert Falcon Scott, better known as Scott of the Antarctic!