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Autumn Term

Welcome to Year 5! 


Over the autumn term we have lots of fun activities planned within our topic of the Ancient Greeks. Within this we shall be exploring modern Greece and comparing it to the our life in the UK. We are also going to research what life was like for the Ancient Greeks, looking at the idea of Democracy, the Battles (specifically the Battle of Marathon), the Olympic Games and even all the different Greek Gods and Goddesses.  


Within English we shall be studying myths and legends with a specific focus on The Adventures of Odysseus. This text will give the children the opportunity to develop different styles of writing and look at the features of each style. After building up their knowledge of this genre they will go on to create their own Ancient Greek Myth/Legend. 


Within the first term in Maths we shall focus on place value, the 4 operations (written addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). They will also gain more knowledge of statistics and be able to use a timetable, which can come in handy on busses or trains.


How can you help at home?

Reading through Ancient Greek Myths/Legends will help the children gain more confidence with the tricky words.


I will upload the weekly spellings on here and the children will also be given a paper copy. There are many different ways to learn spellings and I have uploaded these on the document below.