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Autumn Term

Welcome to Year 3! 


Over the autumn term we have lots of fun activities planned within our topics of the Stone Age and Ancient Egypt. Within the Stone Age topic we will be looking into why they were called hunters and gatherers and the food that they ate. During the Ancient Egypt topic we will be looking into the Egyptian civilisation and comparing it to the our life in the UK. We are also going to research what life was like for an Ancient Egyptian child. We are also going to understand the process of mummifying and understand why the Ancient Egyptians mummified their people.


Within English we shall be studying a variety of books related to our topic, starting with Stone Age Boy and UG. We will be writing a descriptive piece, a non-chronological report, a newspaper report and our own comic strips. Whilst completing these pieces of writing we will be focusing on our sentence comprehension and using different word classes to improve our writing.


Within the first term in Maths we shall focus on place value, the 4 operations (written addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). We will have a large hands on approach to settle the children back in and to cement their previous learning.


How can you help at home?

Reading about the Stone Age and the Ancient Egyptians will help the children gain more confidence with the tricky words.


Practice weekly spellings: I will upload the weekly spellings on here and the children will also be given a paper copy. There are many different ways to learn spellings and I have uploaded these on the document below.

During our first few weeks we have been getting back into the routine of school. We have been having lots of fun and getting to know each other over the last 2 weeks and the children have shown me how ready they are to get back to full Maths and English lessons and they are so excited to start our topic of The Stone Age next week! 

Week 2 Spellings

Week 3 Spellings

What a wonderful week! We've really got stuck into our Stone Age topic this week by researching on the computers a particular area and making our own Fact Files. We even thought about the foods they ate and created our own 3 course menu for the Stone Age humans. We also went into the Outside ICE Zone and created art with Miss Jarvis using water and berries and mud, which is what the Stone Age people would've done, it's how they created their cave wall paintings! 

Week 4 Spellings

Week 5 Spellings

Week 6 Spellings

Week 7 Spellings

Week 8 Spellings

Week 9 Spellings

Week 10 Spellings

Week 11 Spellings

This week in Maths we were continuing to learn about the 4 times table and even started to look at the 8 times table! WOW!

In English we continued using our book The Pebble In My Pocket and focused on main and subordinate clauses. We used them in our writing of a diary entry on Friday! In Computing this week, we focused on algorithms and used them to programme our cars and complete a few unplugged activities too! During Outdoor Learning, Miss Jarvis set up an Egyptian hieroglyphics orienteering scavenger hunt, which was great fun! On Friday, we continued our Egyptian topic and focused on mummifying. The children really got into this and loved wrapping up their teddies! 

Week 12 Spellings

Week 13 Spellings

Week 14 Spellings