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Autumn Term

Making Roman Bread


All the children experienced making bread this week, using a mixture of flours. We used dried yeast to make our bread rise and tasted it with butter. We learned that a lot of Roman bread didn't contain yeast and so didn't rise, creating flat bread.

Our bread smelled delicious while cooking and tasted lovely when cooled!



Making Bread

Remembrance Art


This week, we have celebrated World Mental Health Day by focussing on the things that we recognise make our brains relax. Obviously, we all have different activities that we like doing to relax so it was interesting to see the spread.

The aim is for all he children's responses to appear on the classroom windows in the near future!


We had a fantastic time reading all over the school grounds for the Read Anywhere Readathon today. We read poetry under our tables and our reading books in the staff room, the log cabin, on the trim trail and the outdoor story circle.

Thank you for your kind sponsorship.



Years 3 and 4 boarded a coach and went 2000 years back in time to Roman Britain! We visited St Albans, which was the 3rd largest settlement in England during Roman times. The children saw the remains of the Roman wall, a room in a Roman villa complete with under floor heating (called a hypocaust), and some incredible artefacts discovered by archaeologists in St Albans. They were also transported back to a Roman market where they were given a shopping list to buy some recognisable and some unusual items.

Everyone was fascinated and learned lots about Roman life and the children represented themselves, you and the school in fine fashion. Below are some snapshots of the day.


Verulamium Museum trip


We have made an excellent start to the new term. The children have settled into the new routines quickly and are already producing some lovely work.

We have recently been reading a book called The Promise by Nicola Davies, which encouraged us all to think about the environment around us and trees in particular.

We recognised the importance of trees and produced lists of the many reasons to put on display.