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This week we had our final topic lesson on the Ancient Greeks! The children have thoroughly loved this topic and have learnt lots of amazing things about the ancient civilisation! They have learnt about the city-states of Athens and Sparta and Greek fighting methods, democracy, the Gods and Goddesses and Greek mythology. Then children have been most fascinated to discover how the Ancient Greeks, who lived over 2000 year ago, have influenced our modern day lives. 

To round off the topic, the children acted out the key events of the Battle of Troy!

In music this week, we have been continuing our learning on rhythms and beat. In this lesson we were looking at how rhythms with two different beats can work together and eventually link back up. This involved us thinking about maths and really enhancing our listening skills.


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Yesterday, the children were continuing their learning about how light light travels in science. We were learning about how light is reflected in straight lines off every surface but that it reflects better off smooth and shiny surfaces. The children used torches, paper, mirrors and modelling clay to create a model to show the reflection ray and that it travels in a straight line.

A few photos of the lovely children this week thoroughly enjoyingtheir science lesson learning all about howlight travels! Thechildren were building models to show that light travels from thesource, to an object in astraight line, bounces off the object andreflects into our eye.

On Monday, we did some learning about how data ‘packets’ arepassed across a network. We played a gameas old as time itself(Chinese Whispers) to show how data can be corrupted by anetwork and what we can doto improve that. The children werethen given data ‘packets’ which they needed to transmit to thereceiverswithout being corrupted.

What a rocking day! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It was like having our very own gig with the children as our band and Tommy from Rock Steady leading the way! The children have had an amazing day! They have been sent home today with letters to sign up to Rock Steady, if that is something they are interested in. Rock Steady are a separate company therefore in order to sign your child up, please visit the website on the letter. Please do not hand any forms into the office as they will not be able to process them. ☺️


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In English the children have been learning about using apostrophes for contractions and for singular and plural possession. On Wednesday, the children wrote sentences on the desk and used macaroni to show where the apostrophe would go for both plural possession. The children really enjoyed writing all over the desks! Our favourite phrase of the day was: the kittens’ mittens.

This week in maths we have been using pencils and pens to help us with our division work! We have been using these resources to help us understand that remainders make part of a group.

In art, we have been learning about different art and design skills. In this lesson, we put our DT brains to work and set the challenge of designing and making a prototype of a hat for a purpose. Each group had a different purpose and worked hard as a group to come up with the final product. What was fantastic was to seethechildren learning to work and communicate as a group. Well done!

Today in French (Friday 8th October), we learnt the days of the week using the song ‘Campdown Races’! It’s safe to say that “Lundi, mardi, mercredi,jeudi, vendredi…” is stuck in our heads! We also looked at French penmanship and writing activities that we do on these days in French.




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Thursday 7th October was National Poetry Day! As such, here at Middlefield, we held a sponsored Read-a-thon! Throughout the day the children we required to complete 5 reads in as many different and unusual spaces around school as possible! In Year 6 we started by swapping classrooms with Year 5, then went out to the forest area, followed by a wonderful reading session with EYFS (Year 6 read a story to the little ones). For our 4th read, we snuck into Year 4's classroom whilst no one was looking and gave Mr Smith such a fright! We rounded up the day by piling into the staff room and getting cosy on the sofas.

Well done everyone! It was a fantastic day!

This week in art, we have been finishing off our Monet projects where we have been learning to mix colours skilfully! The children started by looking at a section of the painting and mixing water colours - noting down how they mixed it, so that they could recreate it. Once they were happy with the colours they had mixed, they moved on to recreate the piece of art.

This week, we were lucky enough to have a sports coach onWednesday! The children had a great day playingteam gamesand working together to achieve their task!