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Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of learning from home! Each day I will be posting new activities to complete which relates to our usual working day.


Some people love living dangerously. For some people, the thrill of a near miss is what they crave their whole lives; the moment of panic that rises up from the pit of your stomach like your blood has turned to ice, but then washes over you like blissfully warm water as the danger passes.

This was one of those moments. You could hear the sharp intake of breath as the crest of the fifty metre wave frothed and foamed like the mouth of an angry Kraken. There were only seconds left to wait...


Using the picture stimulus and using your imagination, what do you think might be underneath or behind the wave? Can you write me a piece of description about what could be behind the wave.


PaG Workout 1

I would like you to complete the PaG Workout shown above.

I would like you to complete the reading comprehension above named The Six Wives Of King Henry VIII . You must read the piece of text and answer question 1-7.

Workout Day 1 | The Body Coach TV


Science 1
Science 2
Science 3
Science 4

I would like you to dissect your own flower and understand the reproductive organs by using exploration.