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Day 5


Crystal clear waters were home to the vast collection of vessels. If it wasn’t for the peeling paint and the faded fishing nets, you couldn’t tell these boats had years of history hidden in their beams. I breathed deeply, filling my lungs with the fresh air that surrounded me. I looked carefully at the biggest of the boats and my mind began to wander. 


Using the picture above and your imagination can you write a setting description.

PaG Workout 5

I would like you to complete the PaG Workout shown above.

I would like you to complete the reading comprehension above named When You Grow Up . You must read the piece of text and answer question 1-7.

Workout Day 5 | The Body Coach TV

Picture 1
As our new topic was supposed to be 'Rivers' it would be great for you to get some pre-learning completed. Here is a PowerPoint on the first past of our rivers topic and a file for you to do some extra research about the rivers in our country.