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Day 6

The traveller plodded slowly across the long, cobbled bridge. Rain spat from the  pounding against the cold road, mist and cloud blocking any sunlight that could brighten the occasion. He could feel the clock digging into his back as he walked. It went everywhere with him, or rather he went everywhere with it. The clock was the key to everything; the key to moving through time and space. It was what had allowed him to see everything that had been, and everything that had not yet come to pass. Life as a time-traveller had its benefits, but it also took its toll…


Use the picture stimulus and your imagination, can you continue the story of the time-traveller? 

I would like you to complete the PaG Workout shown above.
I would like you to continue the reading comprehension you started yesterday with the title When You Grow Up  and complete questions 8-14.

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