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December 2018

Homework Projects

Today, the children finished presenting their homework projects. We were all very impressed with the high standard of work and amount of effort the children have put in. The children presented their work beautifully and we all learned something new.

Christmas dinner

Lots of children in year 3 enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner. Here’s one of our favourite cracker jokes:

How do snowmen travel?

On their icicles!


In Science, the children have been looking at forces and demonstrating activities which show push and pull forces in action.

🎄 Christmas Extravaganza  🎄 

A huge well done to every member of Holly Class for their incredible performances in our Christmas Extravaganza! Every single person shone like the stars that they are. 🌟 

Christmas Unwrapped

Last week in year 3, we were lucky enough to have a visit from ACTIOS. They led an activity called ‘Christmas Unwrapped’ where we learned what Christians believe about the Christmas story and why we celebrate Christmas. 

We wished, we wished, we wished the lights on!

Year 3 obviously had their magic socks on today as they wished the school Christmas lights on. 🎄

Christmas Decorations

Lots of pupils from year 3 put an amazing amount of effort in to making their own Christmas decorations. Children created these at home in their own time to help dress our school Christmas tree in the hall.