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Christmas Lunch

Thank you to the lovely ladies in the kitchen for our delicious Christmas lunch. Although we couldn’t have crackers, we had a lovely time in our classroom with Christmas music and our reindeer antlers.


This afternoon, we discussed the meaning behind the Christingle and why Christians make them at Christmas. We learned about the symbolism behind each element and talked about why they were significant to Christians. We then had lots of fun making our own!


in our Science lesson this week, the children devised investigations to test the effects of water resistance on objects of different shapes. We discussed how it is more difficult it is to walk through water than on land, and talked about other objects which move more easily through water. We predicted that more streamlined shapes would fall more quickly through the water in the cylinder.


After testing a variety of shapes, we came to ththe conclusion that shapes which were more streamlined and thinner (e.g. cones) had less water resistance and fell quicker. Shapes that had flat surfaces or were bulky (e.g. cubes) had more water resistance and they fell much more slowly. 

🎄 Christmas Decorations 🎄

Well done year 5! You made some beautiful decorations to brighten up our tree in the hall.