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This week we finished our Greek Shields by painting and creating a 3D effect. I think you'd agree they're all pretty awesome! 
During week 12 we created a design and painted it onto a glass jar - this was to fill with sweets and sell at the Christmas fete. 
This week in Maths we've been learning all about the perimeter and area of shapes! For our first lesson, we took a practical route and started to measure and calculate the perimeter of shapes around the room. This hands on activity really excited the children and hooked them into the topic.

During ICT this week, we started a discussion about staying safe online, and what to do if they're worried about online safety. We talked about what might be OK for children of different ages, looking into sites or apps they like and what is appropriate for them. We talked about being aware that they might talk about friends who use apps or visit sites that aren't suitable and we discussed reasons for not using those sites.

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We also created PPTs about Greek Gods and Goddess' and presented them in front of the class.

Our parachute fatality!

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To end our topic of Forces we had a SCIENCE DAY! We looked at the effects of air resistance and water resistance and also at how to use pulleys, levers and gears. The children really enjoyed making a parachute for  their passenger (an egg) to land safely when dropped from a height, looking into the surface area of an object and how that relates to gravity. They also created a boat, looking into streamlining the front of the boat and making it able to withstand water for a long period of time. A great day was had by all little scientists!

Reward Day - Cinema

Christmas Spellings

If you would like to continue with spelling practise over the Christmas period, here are the year 5 & 6 statutory spelling words. The children are expected to know and spell these words by the end of year 6.