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Christmas has arrived in EYFS. The children are loving being in school during this festive time. We have been busy rehearsing songs as part of the KS1/EYFS Christmas performance. The children have been singing beautifully and are looking forward to filming the video for you all to see. Further details about how to view this will be out in due course.


The children have been busy in the classroom creating lots of wonderful Christmas crafts including Christmas cards, paper chains, snowman pictures and Christmas trees created from sticks. They have also been practising their writing by writing letters to Father Christmas. We are of course also continuing with our daily phonics and maths sessions, as well as weekly reading and practising our key words.


It's such a busy time of year and the children are coping really well. It can get a bit tricky towards the end of term with children becoming a bit tired, but we are really proud of how much progress they have made after just one term at Middlefield.