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1. Spaghetti tower


Be an engineer for the day. I would like you to build a tower made entirely from spaghetti and marshmallows!


Use 20 sticks of spaghetti, 10 marshmallows and one piece of A4 paper to build the tallest tower you can that can balance an egg on top!


Take photos and write an evaluation of your project. How well did it go? What did you do to make it? How would you change it if you did it again?



2. Lockdown board game


Using the inside of a cereal box or anything else you think will work and design and make a Lockdown Board Game.

It could be like snake and ladders or you may want to make cards that you have to pick up on certain squares like Monopoly.  Get all the family involved in the design and ideas.



3. Make a fairy or dinosaur garden


Create your own fairy or dinosaur garden within your own garden. You could use an empty plant pot to create a fairy house or dinosaur cave. Place this in an empty planter tray or box and use soil and stones to create hills and mounds.

Then you can plant flowers around the front of the plant pot house or cave and use painted pebbles to create a garden for your fairy or dinosaur toy figures to play in.


4. Make a bug hotel


Cut the top and bottom off a plastic bottle.

Pierce a hole in the middle of the bottle and thread string through it.


Gather up some natural materials for filling the plastic tube. You could use sticks, twigs, dried leaves etc. Fill the bottle with your bug-loving materials.


Make sure everything is tightly packed. Hang it up in your garden.