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February 2019


The children have been very enthusiastic to participate in the 100 Book Challenge. Our new books look amazing in the reading area and the children have enjoyed sharing their books with other children in different year groups.

Thank you to the parents and grandparents who came in to read with their children.


The Tin Forest

We have used the text to learn about fronted adverbials. This linked very nicely to our Exciting Writing edit based on identifying and using commas to mark clauses. In addition, the children identified that paragraphs were an area they struggled on, so as a class, they wrote their own version of The Tin Forest. They had to work collaboratively, listen to one another's ideas and present their work to the class. Well done!



Our focus so far this term has been on decimals and fractions. The children are learning to calculate fractions of a number. To help with this, they are continuing to practise their times tables.

David Lucas


We had a visit from the author David Lucas who read us one of his stories, Grendel: A Cautionary Tale About Chocolate. He taught us how to create characters and use a 12 box frame to plan a story. We enjoyed listening to him and some of us were lucky to meet him when he signed our books.