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Spelling - Week 5

This week in forest school we had to be mindful of Storm Ciara still sending her gales towards us so the children really had to use their imagination within their learning. Some made dens, some made mud pancakes, some made sling shots and others had a go at an obstacle course but the best thing was that they all enjoyed their time. We have one more forest school week after half term as we missed one!!

Mud Pies!

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There's an air raid...

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Spelling - Week 6

What a great half term, full of so many opportunities! NSPCC, Forest School, First Aid, Wood Green and more! 


Have an amazing half term and a well deserved break!


See you in a week!


Miss Burnett & Mrs Silk

Welcome back for Spring 2! This week we have been up to lots of great activities in and out of the classroom.

Pippa 1st Visit

Today Pippa visited for her first morning transition. She was so excited to come in a visit the children, she went everywhere: reception, year 1, year 5 and year 6! The children were so happy to see her and she created a massive amount of positivity in the school/classroom. She is very tired now but will be coming back in over the next week to continue transitioning her understanding of school and rules! 
This week was our last forest school session of year 5 and boy what fun did they have! The children learnt the art of wood chopping and whittling and to end it all was a giant roll down the hill! 

Spelling - Week 7