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A very warm welcome back to all the children and families of Beech Class. 


This term, Year 5 is being transported to a time when London skies were lit up by swerving aeroplanes and glaring searchlights. We will delve back into the 1940s to find out for ourselves what it was like to be evacuated from London and sent to the countryside, to dig for victory on the Home Front, or to shelter from air raids in the middle of the Blitz! 

Forest School began this January on a beautiful mild afternoon. The children were well prepared and excited. They ran around the meadow, stopping at trees on the way and picking up different seeds. The children were observant as we explored the diversity of life in our Forest School.  We found a mouse hole, a bone and all sorts of minibeasts. Miss Jarvis taught us all the difference between a grasshopper and a cricket. Does anybody know what a caterpillar will turn into? The children slack lined, climbed trees, created dens and a zipwire and even created us some yummy food in the mud kitchen! 


Look at the forest school sub-pages to view pictures:

Spelling - Week 1

Another great forest school week, due to the weather some activities that took place last week couldn't go ahead again this week but that didn't stop the children who all really got involved in making an assault course around the forest school site. Partaking in this assault course led to rolling down a hill at the end, some children were very tentative but to see them eventually do it in the end is why we do forest school in the first place! What a great afternoon and we're very sorry about the mud!

Spelling - Week 2

What another super forest school week, the children were continuing to try and build their zip line (in a different place this time) to see if they could get higher than ever before. Again lots of mud joined in the picture so I am sorry about that but the children are so enjoying themselves as you can see by their smiley pictures.

Spellings - Week 3

Year 5 is probably the most challenging year for fraction learning, and unfortunately other than hard work, there is not an easy way to learn fractions.
In todays lesson we began to use fractions in a more practical way. We used lots and lots of SWEETS to find a fraction of a number. We started with unit fractions and progressed into non-unit fractions, whilst being very practical. Although the temptation was there, the children used the sweets to aid their learning and support understanding. 


So you can see their learning, ask your children how to work this question out:  3/8 of 48.

In forest school this week, we built a fire to be able to boil water so some children could enjoy a hot chocolate!  The zip wiring continued, the children climbed trees to get as high as they could, they even used tools to create an end point which was stuck in the ground.

Spellings - Week 4