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January 2019

Happy New Year!  Welcome back to the school for a new term.  We hope you had an enjoyable break.


In Year 6, we will be getting straight back to routine in the spring term with our daily English and maths lessons.  In English, we are now starting to read 'Stormbreaker' by Anthony Horowitz.  Children will be exploring the language and techniques used in the book that help to build the story and create the action and adventure scenes that we love with this character.  Children will have the chance to write in a variety of styles, using the book to guide them.


Maths lessons will continue to develop the skills needed across a range of units.  We will begin by looking at algebra and coordinates.  Children will continue to take regular arithmetic quizzes in order to build stamina and fluency in these crucial skills.


Our science topic is now 'Animals, including humans'.  The focus this year is on human biology where children will be looking at the various systems in the human body.  They will begin by looking at the circulatory system, the role of the heart, lungs and blood.  Some of these lessons will also link to PSHE where we will discuss how to look after our bodies.


Our topic for the spring term is 'Extreme Earth'.  Within this topic, children will be exploring physical geography around the world including: volcanoes, rivers, earthquakes and deserts.  While this is largely a geography based unit, there will be opportunities for children to study historical events, such as major historical volcanic eruptions.