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January 2020


As part of our Forces and Magnets topic in Science, we have been looking at magnets and learning how to use them to check if materials are magnetic. We learned what the different parts of a magnet are called and how the earth is like a giant magnet. We also learned how compasses work. We were surprised to find that not all metals are magnetic!

Viking Day

Years three and four were lucky enough to spend the day with a Viking! His name was Steinkel, and he taught us lots of new things about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Did you know the Viking didn’t actually wear horned helmets? We learned how to write our names in runes and made runestonesout of Clay. We also sketched some artefacts and found out what they were and how they worked.


In maths, we have been looking at measuring, describing and comparing lengths. We went outside to measure a variety of objects, thinking carefully about which implement we used to measure each object. We also had to decide whether to measure in millimetres, centimetres or meters. 


Continuing our work on persuasive writing, we looked at TV adverts. We watched a selection of popular TV adverts to identify the features that are used to persuade us to buy the products. We then created our own television adverts, using alliteration, exaggeration and slogans to persuade people to buy our products.


To start our new unit on persuasive writing, we looked at the features of persuasive texts. We began by looking at posters, identifying features such as bold writing, bright colours and catchy slogans. We then looked at advertisements for familiar products, finding the different features and discussing how they might persuade the reader to buy the product.

First Aid

At Middlefield, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Danielle. She taught us some basic first aid. We discussed the various items which should be in a first aid kit and why you might need different items in different situations. We talked about how and when to call the emergency services and learned a song to help us remember the numbers to call. Danielle told us how to deal with a nosebleed, so we now know we need to put our heads forwards and not lean backwards. We also learned how to make our cardigans and jumpers into a sling!

Xiang Xiang

Year 3 were lucky enough to adopt a giant panda, which we have called Xiang Xiang. We were very interested to find out more about pandas, so we carried out some research into the different aspects of the life of the giant panda. We used the information we found out to write non chronological reports.


We also created some artwork, using pandas as inspiration. We used watercolours to create a wash for the background. We studied some pictures of pandas to sketch the different features carefully. We used a mixture of charcoal, pastels and colouring pencils to finish our pandas, then cut them out and positioned them on our backgrounds.