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June 2019

Pocket Park


Linking to our Science topic of habitats and our geography focus of our local area, Year 4 visited Pocket Park.

We walked around the nature reserve looking for signs of how humans have altered the environment and the impact it has had on wildlife. The children identified many signs, from litter to broken trees. They were amazed to discover the bench which had been made out of recycling plastic bags. We also enjoyed looking at the different plant wildlife and we heard a cuckoo.

After the walk the children took time to sit, look and listen at the environment around them. Some children enjoyed hearing the wind rustling through the reeds, others we fascinated by the range of colours, shapes and textures of the flowers and plants.

We had a lovely morning exploring the nature reserve and appreciated having time to reflect on all the wonderful sights and sounds nature provides.



The children have been working really hard on their writing this term. They have focused on their sentence structure and using different sentence styles. In Year 4 the children must include lots of interesting vocabulary in various ways - expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials and interesting adjectives. This makes their writing really exciting and a great read. Keep going Year 4!




Year 4 have been learning about acceptable and unacceptable behaviour when using technology. We talked about different types of technology: phones, tablets, laptops, game consoles, TV and cameras. We discussed how we can use technology to access things online and what we should do if we see or hear anything which is unacceptable- Zip it, Block it, Flag it.

Ash class also learned about how to keep ourselves safe online by being careful about what we upload on apps and social media, to never accept requests from people we don't know and most importantly, talk to a trusted adult if anything upsets or worries you.

The children have created some super e-safety posters using Microsoft Word where we also learned some useful tricks and tips.

Hare Krishna - Bhaktivedanta Manor


Year 3 and 4 trip had a fantastic time at the Hare Krishna temple, Bhaktivedanta Manor. The children were very inquisitive and asked some excellent questions, were very respectful of others in and around the temple and listened very well to all the information.

We went on a cart pulled by oxen, learned about why and how they look after the cows, walked through George Harrison's memorial garden, learned about the murtis (representations of the gods), dressed up as gods, dressed up in traditional dress (saris and turbans) and had our face or hands painted. It was an action packed  day with lots of interesting information.