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June 2022

Maths - We are learning about coins - we put them in order of value and looked at colours, sizes and shapes.

Computing - Today we learned how to open, login and shut down the school laptops.

English - Here we are doing some acting to help us write our story - The Mustard Sandwiches.

Science - We are trying to discover what we need to make cress seeds grow. Do seeds need water, light, warmth...?

Maths - Today we practised counting. We made groups of ten and then counted in tens and ones to find how many. We thought about how many tens and how many ones when we wrote the number we had counted.

English - Here we are getting to know the story - The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. We listened carefully, we acted out the story, we pretended to be Mr and Mrs Grinling, Hamish the cat and the greedy seagulls - Tom, Fred and Bert. Then we told the whole story to our partner and talked about our favourite parts.

Science - We are learning to name different wild and garden plants so we went on a plant hunt!