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March 2021

We had a wonderful, fun reward day with forest school adventures; building dens and toasting marshmallows. We made and ate chocolate nests. We had an Easter egg hunt and exchanged the plastic eggs for chocolate ones. We also found calm moments with some Easter colouring.

Red Nose Day! Well done for all of your lovely red accessories and generous donations. The children look fabulous. Unfortunately no picture of the teacher, the camera broke(!) - sorry about that!!

We are back! It was SO lovely to have everyone back in school today. We had a story 'Ruby's worry' and talked about dealing with our worries. The children then made these worry monsters. The monsters eat the worry you write down and then you need to tell someone abut your worry to make it disappear altogether.

Happy World Book Day! We have enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book character and being taught by the Bad-tempered Ladybird! The children at home all joined in too. Well done everyone!

The trees around the perimeter fence have been trimmed so we took advantage of the debris! We collected twigs of similar lengths and fixed them together with elastic bands to make rafts. The children tested and raced their rafts in water trays. Excellent learning and really good fun!

In our Science lesson today we continued with our Materials topic. Today's challenge was to build a bridge to support a toy car. The bridge had to be at least 30cm long and only 6 sheets of A4 paper could be used for construction. A lot of sticky tape also featured! Materials can be adapted to improve their suitability for different purposes. Folding, layering and rolling paper improves strength and rigidity.

Happy St. David's Day! Origami daffodils were certainly a challenging way to celebrate.