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May 2022

Maths - We are busy finding a quarter of a quantity using arrays of counters to make 4 equal groups.

History  - Here we are re-enacting Grace Darling's heroic rescue of the shipwrecked sailors.

Maths - We are learning about half and whole. We used paper shapes to make halves, we made sure our halves were 2 equal pieces. We put our halves back together to make a whole.

Maths - We were making equal groups using sharing. We discovered that we can't always share numbers equally. We used 20 counters and found out how we could share into different numbers of equal groups.

Geography - Today we sorted features of the seaside into physical and human. We thought carefully about how we knew. We discovered that sand, cliffs and the sea are physical features and that a lighthouse, pier and fish & chip shop are human features.

Science - Our new topic is Plants! We found some dandelion plants and observed them very carefully. We can find and name the different parts - roots, stem, leaf, flower and petals.