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In art we have been looking at the work of some Japanese artists, Hokusai in particular. We used watercolours to create a wash of colour on our paper and carefully built up the layers to creat shading.  We then outlined our art work in black pen to make it stand out and add detail. 


As part of our Properties of Materials topic, we investigated different materials to find out which ones would dissolve. We discussed the differences between melting and dissolving and wrote our own definitions. We then chose independent variables and made sure each investigation was fair.  


In our Computing lessons, we are learning about binary. Today we played some games, which involved  converting 4 bit and 8 bit binary numbers.

Outdoor Learning

Today, we linked our outdoor learning with our English text. To help us empathise with the character of Kensuke, we practised some survival skills. We made a list of things we would take with us if we knew we were going on an adventure, learned about animal tracking, den building, fire lighting and growing food. We discussed what things would have been different for Kensuke when he arrived on his island and thought about how he wouldn’t have felt.


In French, the children have been learning to identify whether nouns are masculine or feminine by learning the words for common classroom objects.