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The children have been enjoying our 'Ticket to Ride' theme. We have been busy reading stories related to transport and journeys. This week we read 'The Naughty Bus'. The children found it quite funny how the London Bus kept getting into troublesome situations. This week we have also had a look at different kinds of maps and the children had a go at creating their own. The weather has started to warm up so the children have been loving being outside playing in the water and sand too.


In phonics we are starting to look at alternative spellings for the same sound such as 'ee' and 'ea'. This is quite a tricky concept but they are doing really well. We have even learnt a few split digraphs which they children are very proud about. Of course, we continue to consolidate the sounds we have learnt earlier on in the year both in terms of reading and writing.

Hamerton Zoo 2022

It was so exciting to go on our school trip this year to Hamerton Zoo. The children had an amazing time. We saw a real range of animals including tigers, bears, lemurs, monkeys and a range of birds to name a few. We also had a chance to ride the zoo train which fitted in nicely with our learning this half term. Lots of the children kept talking about the different modes of transport that we used for our trip. We also had a bit of time in the day for the children to play in the playground; it was great to see the children really using their physical skills to manoeuvre and play on this larger play equipment. It was a fantastic day all round.