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November 2018

November is here and it's set to be another busy one.  The month started with a week long focus on WW1 Remembrance.  The children took part in a range of activities linked to this topic, including art, history, geography and writing.  The children enjoyed hearing stories and learning about what happened during this time.  Below are some of the wonderful art pieces we created in Year 6.

Remembrance Art

Remembrance Art 1
Remembrance Art 2
Remembrance Art 3
Remembrance Art 4
Remembrance Art 5
Remembrance Art 6
Remembrance Art 7
Remembrance Art 8
Remembrance Art 9
Year 6 had a fantastic time on their trip to the Royal Opera House in London.  We had the chance to see the Opera, Carmen - a love story with a tragic ending.  Children were wowed by the surroundings, the operatic voices and the staging.  It was a lovely day out and an amazing experience for them all.  Following this, the children wrote a newspaper report about the death of Carmen.  They should all be proud of their excellent work.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5