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In today’s English lesson, we practised our interview techniques. In role as Shackleton, we interviewed potential crew members for our expedition. We discussed the difference between open and closed questions and talked about how we would use these questions to get as much information as possible from the interviewee. We took it in turns to be the interviewer and interviewee and thought carefully about the way we answered questions to give as much information as possible and present ourselves as the best candidate for the role.

Middlefield Rockers

Year 5 had a superstar day! We raised lots of money for Children in Need and had a great time practising our times tables. Although we didn’t come top of the leaderboard, we had lots of fun cheering our class mates on.

Outside ICE Zone

In today’s outside session, we played some team-building games. We also collected leaves to make a Pudsey face for Children in Need.


Year 5 enjoyed a fabulous Rock Star Zumba session!


To start our new topic of Forces, we looked at the force of gravity. We discussed how the weight of an object changes, depending on the strength of the gravitational force acting on it. We then looked at how craters are made on the moon and the factors that affect the size and shape of these craters.

We Are Rembering

In our outdoor session, we looked for red leaves to make a huge, natural poppy.


The children have started looking at ‘Shackleton’s Journey’ by William Grill. Before hey discovered th the title, they made predictions about what the book might be about. We studied the cover art to try and infer some information and made our own version of the cover.