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November 2021

Year 1 started learning all about tens and ones this week. They worked in pairs and used the equipment to help them.

Year 1 braved the chilly weather and headed outside for their phonics lesson. They started by finding lots of different sound splats and then used the natural world around them to write the phoneme 'ew'.

London Projects - Look at our wonderful homework. We all found out lots about London from each other.

Year 1 had great fun in their Phonics treasure hunt this week. They had to search for the words containing the phoneme 'ir'.

PE - Here we are doing our Friday fitness training. We can do star jumps, lunges, catching, heel curls and lots more!

Maths - We are learning to subtract and today we thought about 'finding the difference' we used cubes to help us.

Computing - Year 1 are beginning to learn all about algorithms in their computing lessons. We now know that these are clear sets of instructions. In this lesson, the children thought about the order in which we get dressed and how important the order is!

Maths - We are learning to subtract. We had lots of fun using a bus ten frame and counters to solve subtraction!

Welcome back!


We hope you had a fantastic half term break. Year 1 returned to school full of enthusiasm and were ready to learn! We had a fantastic PSHE lesson all about gender stereotypes. We looked at activities that some people may think are only for boys and some that are only for girls. We very quickly realised that all activities are made for everyone! It doesn't matter who you are, you can do any activity you like!