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Week commencing 26th November


This week we have been thinking about where food comes from and the different places we buy food from. We started the week by reading Jasper's Beanstalk, and talked about different places food grows - bushes, trees, underground. We then talked about the different places we can buy food from, such as shops and markets. The children have enjoyed writing shopping lists during their child initiated play, and using coloured pasta to create repeating patterns!


In maths we have been looking at the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, using a "magic bag" that turns 2D flat shapes into 3D fat shapes! I've been very impressed with the children's language to describe shapes, such as round, straight, corners, faces and sides. We have also been looking at clocks and exploring time, finding "o'clock" and talking about different times in the day! Next week in maths we will be looking at making sensible estimates and checking by counting. We will also continue to practise our skills in counting by ensuring we are counting slowly. 


In phonics we have started to learn Phase 3 sounds, and will continue with this next week, learning the sounds x and y, and the tricky words "he" and "she". Please continue to practise reading these tricky words, and high frequency words from your child's word wall at home.


Next week we will be learning the Nativity story and about why some people celebrate Christmas. We will also be discussing Winter weather and how to dress appropriately, wearing warmer clothes than in the Summer and why!


Have a great weekend, Miss Latimer

W/C 19th Nov


This week in Reception we have been thinking about healthy and unhealthy foods. We started the week by reading the story Oliver's Vegetables, and talked about how eating a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables is very important. We have been thinking of other ways to stay healthy too, by exercising and getting plenty of sleep. We also conducted an experiment using egg shells to see how coca cola, vinegar and water effects our teeth - they have loved observing throughout the week!
In maths we have been exploring money, matching coins to the correct items and adding coins together to buy items. We have also continued to practise learning our numbers to 20, and have been exploring capacity with coloured rice. Next week we will be looking at 2D and 3D shapes, as well as time.
The children have enjoyed writing their own pizza orders this week during their play. I'm amazed with the progress children are making with their writing, and their interest in doing so independently. Well done!
Next week we will be looking at where food comes from and how it is grown, and where we buy food from.
Next week in phonics we will begin to look at Phase 3 sounds. I will send home a copy of these sounds on Monday for you to look at at home.
I will also be carrying out reading assessments for children next week, so your child's reading book may not get changed on their usual day.
Have a great weekend! Miss Latimer

Week commencing 12th November


We've had a great start to our Food topic. We have been learning about the story "Handa's Surprise" and naming all of the lovely fruit Handa puts in her basket. On Monday we did some fruit tasting, tasting fruits such as avocado, tangerines, papaya, banana, mango and pineapple! The children used describing words to describe their fruit, such as "chewy, tasty, sweet, squishy and sour!". We then wrote sentences about our fruit, using those describing words. Well done!
During child initiated play, the children have been "fishing for sounds" outdoors using magnetic fishing rods and letters. They have also been using tweezers to move beans, observing food decaying, cutting food to put on paper plates, and practising forming numbers.
This week in phonics we have finished teaching all of the sounds from Phase 2. Next week we will be recapping these sounds and consolidating the learning of them, practising segmenting and blending.
Next week we will also be learning about healthy eating and the importance of fruits and vegetables. We will be looking at the stories "Oliver's Vegetables" and "Jasper's Beanstalk" to discuss food further!
In maths we will be looking at money and learning about the different coins we use to pay for items.
Please remember slipper Friday! The children can bring a pair of slippers to school with them along with a very small amount of change (5p/10p) and this money helps contribute towards resources.
Have a great weekend, Miss Latimer

W/C 5th November


It's been a lovely week this week as have been focussing on Bonfire Night and Remembrance Day. The children have been busy learning about how to create pictures using the interactive whiteboard, to create their own firework pictures! We have also been thinking about words to describe fireworks and the sounds they make, such as bang and pop! We have also been learning about Remembrance Day and why people wear poppies. The children then spent time using green and red tissue paper to create their own poppy pictures.

We have also been learning about addition and subtraction in maths, and thinking about one more and one less. In literacy, we have continued to practise segmenting and blending sounds to read words - we enjoyed playing a game of Buried Treasure to work out silly words from real words!


Thank you to those who attended the Early Reading and Phonics session on Wednesday, I hope you found it useful. If you were unable to attend, I have uploaded a copy of the PowerPoint used on this page of my school website.


We will be starting "Slipper Fridays", as KS1 currently do. This means children can bring a pair of slippers to school to wear on a Friday, we just ask that you donate a small amount of money (10p). This money will help to pay for resources for the children whilst they are in Reception. 


Have a great weekend, Miss Latimer