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October 2018

Year 4 have continued to be very busy this term.

In Maths, they have worked very hard on developing their written methods for addition and subtraction, using the expanded and compact column method. The children have presented their work very neatly so it is clear where their answers are.

In English, the children have continued to enjoy The Iron Man. They have described the setting and had great discussions about the impact The Iron Man had on the farmers. This has led to some super persuasive letter writing in role of the characters, trying to persuade other farmers to help trap the Iron Man. The children have referred to key events in the text and have come up with some very inventive ways to solve their problem. We have also been focusing on the range of punctuation and have been trying very hard to ensure it is accurate. 

In Science, the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about electricity with Miss Burnett. They are learning how circuits are constructed, what makes a circuit work and the names and symbols of the different components.

Ash Class are also very lucky to have weekly sessions with Cambridge United. They are learning different control and pass techniques as well as team work and communication skills.


ICE Zone

In the ICE Zone the children have become more inquisitive into the lives of the Tudors and have enjoyed learning about the kings and queens, the battles that took place and Tudor art. Using fruit, the children have created some wonderful portraits and have researched into the artist Guiseppe Arcimboldo with Mrs Cornell.

While learning about The War of the Roses, the children have discovered some very interesting facts, including dates and names of battle fields. They have written diary entries in role of King Henry V!! or King Edward and considered what it was like to be part of the war. There is also an apothecary where the children are learning to weigh herbs to create remedies.


DLPT Sports Event


Year 4 participated in a range of sporting events as part of the DLPT Sports Event at Winhills. We faced Roundhouse, Winhills, Great Staughton and KPA in netball, football and dodgeball. The children had lots of fun and enjoyed their morning; there was some excellent teamwork and sportsmanship.

Out of all the teams, we came 1st! A big well done to all the children for participating and trying their best!