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October 2021

English - We learned about adjectives and thought of lots of words to describe the characters and setting in our book Vlad and the Great Fire of London.

Rock Star Day - We really enjoyed our visit from Rock Steady and learned lots about music and being in a rock band!

Art - We used the environment to create art! We created fire art using natural outdoor resources.

Read Anywhere Readathon! We read in some wonderful places today. On the trim trail, on the target in the playground, in the Year 3 classroom, in the shed and finally in some funny places around the classroom! Reading under the table was Mrs Besant's idea! Thank you for sponsoring us!

History - We thought how the fire service has changed over time. Then we thought about the fire service in the future...

Bucket Brigade! We passed water buckets along the line just like they did during the Great Fire of London.