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Wow hasn't October come around so quickly! The children have really settled into Year 5 and are enjoying being wholly within the classroom. We have a great month ahead of us so keep checking back to see what we've been up to! 
The children were so excited to get involved with our Zoolab session this afternoon, they talked with Chris about lots of different animals, asking questions about some interesting endangered animals. As you can see from the pictures, the children got to touch or hold; a Corn Snake, a Madagascan Hissing Cockroach, a geko and a rat. Also as you can see from their faces, they really enjoyed the session and came away with big smiles on their faces!

Spelling - Week 4

Spelling - Week 5

Year 5 experienced a fantastic Ancient Greek day. The children looked impressive dressed in their Greek style costumes and had lots of fun learning about the Ancient Greeks. 


We started off in the agora (market place) and tried our hands at a variety of Ancient Greek crafts such as creating medicinal remedies for a variety of ills, mosaics, wax carvings, making pottery and painted tablets, amongst others. During this time, some people visited the oracle to ask for advice, whilst others tried to buy a slave at a slave auction.

In the afternoon we participated in the festival of Dionysus, including feasting, drama and dance. A great day was had by all!

Mental Health Awareness Day

This Children's Mental Health day, we focused on taking steps to be Healthy: Inside and Out. Place2Be encouraged children, young people and adults to look after their bodies and their minds. It doesn't have to be difficult, a quick time to think about how we are feeling is all we need!

Music - Beats

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This week we focused on beats in our music lesson. The children explored rhythm through clapping as well as following and making 'rhythm squares'. This looks at one beat (crotchet) and then 2 beats (quavers) in same time as the 1 beat (crotchet) and then 4 beats (semiquavers) in the same time as 1 beat (crotchet). They even had dance moves and a song to contend with! Super job everyone!

Spelling Week 6

Happy Half Term!


The children have been so engaged for their first half term back, we have all been impressed! 


Well done to all Golden Pupils:







Well done to all Beech Class Members of the week:








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Have a great week and we look forward to seeing you after half term!


Miss Burnett & Mrs Silk