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Please continue to read daily. You are expected to read either independently or with an adult every day for 30 minutes. I am happy for you to read more than just your school books; this could be comics, magazines, ebooks, articles, etc. 


A range of free ebooks are online at (you will need to register, but it is free). 


You can quiz (unrestricted) on AR at

By the way, Year 4 have currently read more words that us!


In addition, Audible have made 100s of books available to listen to and to read, absolutely free! Visit the link and sign up for free stories!

Guided Reading Texts

In school we usually do 30 minutes of guided reading a day. In these sessions, we read texts, discuss the meanings and inferences and answer questions.


Make sure you are talking about your book and what you are reading with other members of your household.

Not only this, ask your family what they are reading? What do they like about their book? What do they dislike? What is their favourite part? Who is their favourite character? What do they think will happen next? Why?


Parents - you can really help your children by talking with them about what you are reading and explaining your thought processes :). Reading should be active! Your children can learn so much through discussion! 

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