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1. Growing crystals


This science experiment will let you grow your own crystals at home!


You will need: a jar, string, warm water, paper clip and salt.



Challenge: Could you use food colouring in the solution to change the colour of the crystals?




2.Why are bugs important?


Sit in your garden (or the park) and notice the bugs that you see all around you. Look in the grass, look in the sky, look on the flowers.


Why are bugs important?


Design and make an information poster about why bugs are important to the environment.


If you are unsure about why bugs are important, do some research first.




3. Investigating soil


Dig up some soil and place it in a jar or clear bottle.

Fill the container with water not quite to the top.  Place the lid on your container and shake thoroughly.


Now let the soil and water settle for about a day.  Then draw what you can see.  You could explore this further by finding out about each layer.