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September 2019


Year 3 have been estimating numbers of objects. The children thought it took too long to count each object one by one so decided on sensibly-sized groups to count in instead.


In today’s lesson, we learned all about the artist Vincent Van Gogh. We looked at lots of his famous paintings including The Potato Eaters, Starry Night and Sunflowers. We looked at the techniques used in Van Gogh’s Post -Impressionist style: intense colours, lots of expression and bold, visible brush strokes.


We looked at the sunflowers we planted in Year 2 to help us create our interpretations of Van Gogh’s most famous and valuable work, Sunflowers. We spent some time practising our pencil skills on scrap paper first, jotting down some ideas before we started on our final piece. We used our pencils in different ways, practising how to create light, shade and texture. To make sure our sketches were detailed, we compared our sketches with a partner, giving advice on how to make our artwork realistic. We then added colour with pastels, taking care to maintain the shade and texture.

Roman Day

Years 3 and 4 had a wonderful day learning all about Roman life. In the morning, the children completed lots of exciting activities and made some beautiful Roman objects, such as good luck charms, lamps and mosaics. The children enjoyed a Roman feast in the afternoon, served by our very own slaves. The children also performed traditional Roman dances, plays, marches and battle formations. We all learned lots of new things and are very excited to begin our Roman topic.