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Spring Term

A new term means a new topic for Year 5.  Our topic for this term is the 'Battle of Britain'.  As part of this topic, the children will be learning all about the significant events surrounding World War 2.  The children will have the chance to learn about the causes of WW2, evacuation, the Blitz, the role of women in the war and of course the Battle of Britain.  Children will have the opportunity to further their learning of a range of curriculum subjects within this topic, including history, geography, art, music and English.


Our book for the next half term is 'When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit' which links closely to our topic.  The book is a semi-autobiographical story about a nine year-old Jewish girl named Anna who lives with her family in Berlin just as the Nazis are rising to power in Germany.   During this unit, children will be writing in a range of styles, including diary entries, letters, postcards and will also be developing the reading comprehension skills through discussion of the text.  Following this unit, children will then be focusing on poetry, discussing poetic features and styles before writing their own poems.


In maths, children will continue to consolidate their calculation skills in a variety of contexts, including measures.  Later in the term, children will be looking again at geometry, learning about reflection and translation of shapes.  After half term, the children will begin their learning with angles, measuring and drawing angles using a protractor and calculating missing angles. 


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Further research within WW2. this website is great for deepening children's knowledge -