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Well! What a change from the beginning of the week! From beautiful sunshine to snow! The children have thoroughly enjoyed reward day from watching ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ to egg hunts and forest school and lastly supporting their friends in the Rocksteady Spring Gig!

Yesterday, we spent the day completing our Anderson Shelter models. The children did an excellent job harnessing their skills (and pushing through some tricky moments) to create mini replicas of these bomb shelters from WW2. 


These look incredible and the children took so much care to add mini posters and furniture to them!

Today, we have rounded off our topic - WW2 - with a visit to Bletchley Park! The children had a fantastic time learning all about the code breakers and the part they played in helping to win the war. The children were excellently behaved and really enjoyed their tour and chance to crack some D-Day codes for themselves! 

We have finished ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’! This week, we sat outside in the glorious sunshine and finished the very emotional story about an evacuee called William Beech and the elderly man he was billeted with, Tom Oakley. After we had finished reading, we shared some snacks and discussed the book! 

In Science, we have been busy learning about the heart and how it powers our bodies by delivering oxygen and nutrients to our muscles and organs and taking waste product away. This week, we conducted an investigation into see what happened to our heart rate when doing exercise and the impact of different exercises on our heart rate. The children took their resting heart rate, then compared this to their heart rate after different types of exercise. They also thought about all the variables that would help make this a fair test.

We have had the most amazing morning in Year 5 & 6! We have had a visit from David Duker at Tally Ho to talk to us all about WW2 and the Battle of Britain. The children were incredible - I have never seen so many open-mouthed children! We learnt an astonishing amount and even got to try on a few hats and jackets from WW2! 

Today was WORLD BOOK DAY! To celebrate the children came to school not dressed as their favourite characters but instead in their pjs with their favourite bedtime story. We shared some thoughts about our favourite books, we visited other teachers around school to hear a story and played a game of ‘The Hidden Reader’. Additionally, we ran a decorate a potato competition where the children decorated a potato like a character from a book.

In science, we have been learning about the circulatory system and the functions of the heart! In today’s lesson, we became blood and travelled around the body collecting oxygen and depositing carbon dioxide before travelling back around the body.

Year 6 in science!

Still image for this video

As well as Green Day, it has also been World Mental Health week. We have been following the theme ‘growing together’ to celebrate this, as such the children had some special time outside with Miss Jarvis doing gardening! The children really enjoyed this outdoor break, spending time freeing up their brains from all of their worries!

Today is Green Day here at Middlefield! The children have been doing lots of activities and learning all about the environment and how we can help! We also had a talk from a recycling expert at Cambridgeshire County Council! Be prepared for the children to come home with lots of new green information!

We may have been a little naughty this week! We have been drawing in the desks in maths! We have been using counters to help us understand the value of decimal numbers.

This week, we have been investigating shadows in science and how shadows are created! Thankfully, the weather was lovely and we were able to go outside and see the full effect of our shadows in the sunlight. We created different shapes to see that shadows cast the same shape as the opaque object blocking the light. We then went on to make shadow puppet theatres! 

Today, in art, we have been building on our still life drawings and using different materials to create different effects. Today, we have been creating the same image as last week but with charcoal and chalk. We have been looking at the simplicity of shape and creating light and dark.

We had a quiet week in computing with lots of children being out for Bikeability! However, we had a great time creating websites all about Bletchley park! The children researched Bletchley Park and created a website using this information. I think they thoroughly enjoyed this as you could have heard a pin drop in the classroom where they were concentrating so much!

We have started this term with a bang! We are extremely lucky to have dance this half term with Mr Russell! The children had a great time with the very cool Mr Russell (our specialist dance teacher) on Wednesday showing off their moves to ‘Waka Waka’!

Dance with Mr Russell

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