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This week, there are two writing tasks for you to complete. You must remember to use all capital letter, full stops, commas and this week's spelling words correctly.


1. Create a piece of writing to build suspense and tension for the reader. I would like you to write about Will and Zach approaching 'Spooky Cott' for the first time.

What can they hear?

What can they see?

What can they smell?

What can they touch?

What can they taste?

Think back to the previous pieces of suspense writing we have done with both Alex Rider and 'The Chicken House'. Think about using lots of descriptive language, make good verb choices and a combination of short and complex sentences for effect.


2.  Create an acrostic poem for the word ANDERSON SHELTER. Think about all of your research you have done about these and what it was like to be in one overnight. 


3.  Write a diary entry as William on the day he found out that Mister Tom would be adopting him.

Think about:

-Nerves as he returned home to find the doctors and children's home people there

-Planning to escape from bedroom and talking to Sammie

-Joy and dancing around the front room with Mister Tom after he found out he was adopting him



Exciting Writing - Toby

Look at the picture below.

Think about the following questions:


Why does Toby live at the foot of a tree?

Why do they live in a forest?

Who else lives there with him?

What do you think it’s like living in a forest?

What do these dogs get up to?

Where are their owners?

Who built their houses?


Write a story about this picture. Use this story starter to help you if you wish:


Toby poked his large, shaggy head out of his front door and sniffed. He loved the smell of the forest, especially first thing in the morning. He could almost taste the fresh, leafy goodness on his slobbering tongue as he dangled it out of his yawning mouth.

He could hear a rustling noise coming from nearby; one of the others was awake. You see, Toby wasn’t the only dog that lived in the forest…


Picture 1