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This week, there are two writing tasks for you to complete. You must remember to use all capital letter, full stops, commas and this week's spelling words correctly.


VE Day


VE Day was a really exciting day and a special day in history! I would like you to do both pieces of writing.


1. Write a recount of your 75th VE Day celebrations.


2. Pretend you are a person in 1945 who has just heard the announcement from Churchill about the surrender of Germany. Write a recount of the celebrations. Did you have a street party? Did you go to Trafalgar Square?



Exciting Writing - Secret Passage

This week for Exciting Writing, I would like you to write a story about the picture below. Now take your time and don't rush the story - remember a story needs a beginning, climax and conclusion! 


Think about the following questions to help with you ideas and planning:

  • Where does the secret passage lead?
  • Why is it lined with books?
  • Why is one book (in the foreground) burning?
  • What is the man doing? Who is he?
  • Who else knows about the secret passage?
  • Why does it need to be secret?
  • What is the key for (hanging on the wall on the right)?
  • Why do the clocks show different times?
  • What do you think is on the front of the secret door? What would people see when it was closed?


Use a story mountain to plot out and plan your story.


Don't forget to use setting and character description to make your story interesting! Remember how we have talking about your story being like a sandwich; the action is the bread but the delicious fillings are descriptions and what makes your story really tasty!