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Year 4

Week beginning 1st March


Good morning Ash Class!

He we are at the start of a brand new week. The timetable is available below as well as on our Class Dojo page. As always, lessons, spellings, links to work activities and zoom links for our daily update are available on our Class Story page. If you can't find something, or can't open something, don't hesitate to get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as possible. As you can appreciate, I am still teaching the children who are coming in, so be patient! 

Just so you are aware, the children in school are doing exactly the same work as you, including 30 mins Maths Whizz, 20 mins reading and 10 mins TT Rockstars every day. They also do the same lessons, sometimes even from the same Zoom lesson as you! We really are still one class, just spread over lots of different "classrooms"!

Enjoy the activities I have set up.

Show us anything you do on Dojo and keep coming along to the daily zoom at 9.45 a.m.

Stay safe and keep in touch

Mr Smith

Timetable for week beginning 18th January


Hello Year 4

I hope you are all well and staying safe and well, both physically and mentally.

Here is the timetable for this week's learning. All the lessons are being posted in the Class Story section of Class Dojo. Have something to write on and something to write with handy - a ruler/ straight edge would also be very useful!

Try your best is the key message! Remember, you are in control of the lesson. If you want to pause or rewind even when I haven't said it, you are able to do so.

Complete activities to the best of your ability and post on Dojo.

I'm also keen to see who is reading what at the moment, especially if you are one of the 19 children who didn't quiz last week!

I'm also happy for you to just message me through Dojo to let me know how you are and what you are doing when you are not learning!

Keep in touch and stay safe

Mr Smith

Timetable - Week Beginning Monday 11th January


Good morning Year 4. Happy New Year!

As you now know, we are in a new lockdown and so we are switching to remote learning again.

This week, while systems are being set up, the work for you to complete is as follows:


45 minutes Maths Whizz a day

30 minutes reading a day (can be split into chunks if you like!)

15 minutes TT Rockstars a day

1 or 2 activities from the activity grid (see below)


This is for each day that remains this week.


If you do something you are proud of, please post it on the Class Dojo. I will check it regularly throughout the day and get back to you.

Equally, if you just want to say hi or tell me about your Christmas, drop me a message on Class Dojo. It would be good to hear from you.


For those of you who have finished a book over Christmas and were hoping to quiz today, here is the address for quizzing at home.


Welcome to Renaissance Place (


I look forward to hearing from you.


Keep in touch and stay safe


Mr Smith

Welcome to Year 4 - Ash Class.


Welcome to Ash Class! This page will give you an insight into what Year 4 and learning this year. It may all look different thanks to current guidance (no ICE zones at present, for example), but the curriculum is still packed with fun, learning and opportunities for the children in Year 4 to develop, grow and flourish! 

I look forward to working with the children and their families this year.

Mr Smith