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Forest School

During their last Forest School session some of the year 2’s kept themselves busy by practising their knot skills. Others made necklaces and bracelets using the bark from an elder tree that is within the woodland. Finally, can you believe the actual “stickman” was found, he has been left in the woodland for some other children to find in the future.

The children in year 2 have been busy investigating the Forest School site this week. Some were curious about the different textures of tree bark, others were feeling creative so they make nature crowns, and some others, well, they have just been hanging around!

This week we welcomed year 2 to Forest School, they were very happy to be back. During their session the children demonstrated the correct fire circle etiquette. Our woodland puppets made a welcome appearance, the children made plenty of mud pies and lots of balancing was needed on the slack lines.