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Outdoor Learning

After their SAT’s papers, Year 6 enjoyed some time outside.

Due to avian flu, our school hens had to housed undercover. Today that ban was lifted, the girls enjoyed scratching around their full enclosure. The children were excited to feed the hens treats.

This week saw the return of the year 1 & 2's annual sunflower competition.


The seeds have been sown and they are currently being kept warm in the poly tunnel. It won't be long before they germinate and then we can plant them outside in our allotment garden.


We spent some time this week getting the area for planting ready by removing the weeds to give the plants the best possible chance to grow taller than Mr Shevki the children said!

After being away for the Easter break, our allotment garden certainly needed some attention.

The beds needed weeding , the bird bath needed filling, the potatoes needed watering and the rhubarb needed harvesting.

We have had a lovely week celebrating National Story Telling Week. We spent our sessions in the woodland area of school where the children were busy reading, writing and performing stories.

This week children have been taking part in the RSPB’s Big Bird Watch. This children were excited, and surprised, to see, not one but two red kites whilst taking part in their birdwatching survey.

With the weather being extremely wet this week, Year 3 spent their session designing information posters in the log cabin.

All classes this week have been involved in making bird cakes and filling the bird seeds feeders. This is in preparation for the RSPB’s Big Bird Watch at the end of the month.

Year 2 took inspiration from artist Andy Goldsworthy to create their own environmental art this week.

Year 1 have prepared some of the beds in the allotment garden and have  planted onion, garlic and shallots.

Children in year 3 & 4 have made a great start in planting the 600 flower bulbs sent to us by Bulbs4Kids. We can not wait to see the school grounds bursting with colour in the spring.

Years 3 & 4 spent a session outside taking part in a hands on recycling run-around game.

The children in Keystage 1 have been creating some natural Rememberance art